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Serving Hamilton since 1996, we been Hamilton's top Second-Hand Store for almost 25 Years.  We've been New2You since 2002 -- and even that is getting close to 20 years now.  We've picked up a bunch of awards as a Second-hand Store and even won "Best Pawn Shop" more than once despite not being a pawn shop.

WE’VE GOT GREAT DEALS. Want good stuff without paying full retail? New2You has Hamilton’s best prices — bar none — on jewellery, cd’s, video games, and all the other stuff we sell. Seriously. It’s tough for the new stores to compete with us because we’re selling quality used goods. Who cares if someone has played our copy of a video game before? As long as it works, it’s just as good as new. The same can be said for most of what we sell — as long as it delivers what you want, who cares if it was previously owned? Get the gear you want and spend less — a lot less.


WE PAY YOU CASH. Need a little extra dough this month? Bring in your quality used stuff and we’ll pay you cash on the spot. Do you have a guitar you haven’t played in months? Move in with your fiancée and now you have two of everything? Why not bring in your extra stuff and get instant cash for it. If you haven’t worn that ring or that watch in the last month or two, chances are that you’re not going to wear again any time soon. Why let it collect dust on your shelf? Bring it in for cash, or trade it in toward a new piece of jewellery that you will wear. The same goes for your video games, the old amplifier in your garage, and Grandma’s silver tea set you still haven’t unpacked. We turn your old treasures into cash.


WE’RE GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. You’ve heard about the “Three R’s” — reduce, RE-USE, and recycle. Bring us your old stereo, last year’s golf set, the TV you just upgraded from, and we’ll help them find a good home — instead of finding their way into a landfill. Your electric guitar days may be behind you, but there’s bound to be some young guy or girl who wants to get started. Why should they have to buy an over-priced new model when yours would suit them beautifully? Why should your old stuff end up filling the garbage dump or the scrap-yard when there’s an environmentally sound solution? — Especially when that solution puts cash in your pocket.


WE WELCOME YOUR INTEREST. Thanks a lot for visiting our website. Please browse around all our departments and hit all the links. There is plenty of information available here that should answer most of your questions. If we missed something, feel free to ask us. Call us on the phone or, better yet, drop by in person and check us out.


New 2 You is:

New 2 You Buy & Sell Hamilton Inc.

351 Main Street East

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

L8N 1J4




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