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Police Cooperation


Let’s face it; there are some bad people in this world. New2You hates the bad guys just as much as you do — and we’re doing something about it. Break-ins and robberies happen. When they do, a lot of the time your stuff gets dumped on pawn shops and seedy little second-hand stores who act as a “fence” for the bad guys. New2You fights against these sorts of stores and helps put the criminals where they belong – behind bars.


How do we do it? First, we only buy from adults. You must be 18 years of age or older to sell us anything. And you have to prove it — not with a birth certificate or a Money Mart card, but with actual government-issued photo identification. Only a DRIVER’S LICENSE, PHOTO HEALTH CARD, PASSPORT, AGE OF MAJORITY, FAC (firearms control) CARD, MILITARY ID, or INDIAN STATUS CARD will do. If you don’t have ID, you can’t sell us stuff. Period.


When people sell us stuff, we take their picture. Bad guys do not want their picture taken, so the bad guys don’t sell us stuff. If ever someone did sell us something they shouldn’t have, we have solid proof of who it was. The police love that.


When we buy electronics, jewellery, car audio, bicycles, tools, musical instruments and other valuable items, we stick them in our storage room for 30 days. This gives the police plenty of time to track down stolen stuff before it hits our sales floor. In addition, we print out records of everything we buy – everything – along with who sold it to us, when they sold it, and any makes, model and serial numbers that we could find. We give these reports to the police every week. If stolen property somehow finds its way here, we make sure the police can catch it (and catch the bad guys) before it ever reaches our sales floor. That way, when you buy something from us, you can buy with complete confidence that you’re buying legitimate, clean products.


Another benefit of our computerized records-keeping is that we have a searchable database of everything we’ve ever bought, from everyone who’s ever sold us anything. The police love this too. If they’re looking for a product or want to know if a certain someone has ever sold us anything, they can just gives us a call and we’ll search the database for them in a matter of seconds. It’s so quick and easy, police from other cities have actually stopped by or called to use our system. They run the names of suspected criminals through our search engine to see if there’s been any activity. Usually, the answer is no. Because we take ID and because we take photos and because we work so closely with the police, the bad guys usually stay far, far away from New2You. If they don’t, we’ll help the police put them in jail.



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