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New2You Buy & Sell has been serving Hamilton since 2002. Need cash? — We can help. Don’t know what to do with your old stuff? — We can help. Want good stuff but don’t want to spend a ton of cash? — We can help. We buy and sell a wide variety of quality new and used products — diamonds and gold, current and retro video gamescar audiostereo equipmentpower and hand tools, and much more. Although we do carry some new products, the majority of what you’ll find in our store is quality pre-owned merchandise.

You can buy with confidence --- we offer a 30-Day warranty on most of the products we sell. 

New2You means Jewellery. We have the ABSOLUTE BEST Jewellery prices in Hamilton — Bar None! When it comes to expensive, appraisal Jewellery, we use a simple formula: we sell for HALF what the other guys do. Half.

Contractors love us. Do-it-yourselfers love us. Regular folks love us. That’s because we have the tools for everyone. Whether you need a Stihl Quick-Cut concrete saw, a belt sander, or just a cordless screwdriver, we’ve got you covered.

Hundreds of games… Cheap! New2You has a wide assortment of video games from all manufacturers and all generations. Everything from the original Nintendo (NES) all the way up to the XBOX ONE, and everything is priced to sell.

Are you looking for fierce, thumping bass? Is it time to upgrade your factory deck? Do you need to replace some blown 6×9’s. Whatever your needs, New2You can help. 

Need a TV? How about a stereo? How about some new speakers? New2You sells all kinds of electronic equipment. 

Music makes the world go ’round. New2You appreciates that and tries hard to keep you equipped to make that music. We buy and sell used keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, trumpets, saxophones, flutes, clarinets, bass guitars, banjos, mandolins, accordions, and just about anything else that makes music.

We have a wall full of blu-ray and 4K movies, boxed sets and TV series to keep you entertained.

We also carry music in both cd and LP formats.

We LOVE BB guns and Airsoft guns.  We love swords, knives, axes and bows.  We've bought a canoe, a kayak, ice fishing huts, and a duck blind.  

We LOVE nerd-core: Star Wars Master Replica Lightsabers, Star Trek Phasers, Harry Potter wands, the Doctor Who Tardis, Japanese Anime resin figures.  We buy McFarlane figures and retro Transformers and G.I. Joes.  Just because you don't see it listed, doesn't mean we won't buy it.

We love to buy your gear, really, but some of the stuff you have lying around we just can’t buy. 


The whole reason New2You is open is to give people a place to get great stuff for a great price. That’s what we do, plain and simple. Money is important. If you’re rich, you want to stay that way. If you’re not, you’d probably like to get that way. A great way to keep your money in your pocket is to shop at New2You. We sell stuff for less money, lot’s less. We’re usually at (or around) half the price you’d pay in retail stores. That’s right, HALF. We’re not talking about saving  5% here, we’re talking HALF PRICE.



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