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Contractors love us. Do-it-yourselfers love us. Regular folks love us. That’s because we have the tools for everyone. Whether you need a Stihl Quick-Cut concrete saw, a belt sander, or just a single 10mm socket, we’ve got you covered.


We’re buying more tools all day, every day – and we’re selling them just as fast. Our tool section is constantly changing, with tools coming and going at a steady pace. We’ve had everything from industrial tampers and concrete vibrators, to Snap-On mechanics tools, to drain rooters; from arc welders, to drywall stilts, to multi-meters; specialty tools to regular drills and circular saws for the home handyman (or woman). Just about every tool you could find at Home Depot or Canadian Tire has sat on the shelf at New2You — for half the price.


Selling all these tools means one thing — WE BUY. The only way to keep up with demand is to keep constantly buying more and more tools from YOU, our loyal customers. Bring us your good tools and we’ll give you some good cash. You bought that mitre saw so you could build your deck last year, now the saw is just collecting dust in your garage. Bring it to New2You and we’ll give you something that won’t collect dust… cash. The same goes for your biscuit jointer, belt sander, drywall screw gun, and hammer drill. If you got new ones, or just aren’t the handy-person you thought you’d be, we’ll gladly take those good working tools off your hands.


All of our tools are covered by New2You’s rock-solid 30-day warranty. We guarantee everything we sell to be in good, working order and offer a 30-day warranty to back that up. Just hold on to your receipt.


First, when you’re buying tools, make sure you know what you’re doing. I’d hate nothing more than to find out you took home a table saw and cut your arm off, or used a welder in your living room and set your house on fire. Safety first. Be sure to read up on any tools you haven’t worked with before, so you know how to use the tool safely.


Second, a word on selling us tools. We only buy what we can test, so don’t bring me stuff that you can’t demonstrate as working. This includes timing lights, tack/dwell meters, battery chargers, booster/power packs, and many specialty automotive tools. You can bring them in, but don’t hate me if I send them back home with you.


When it comes to hand tools, things are a little tricky. We buy FULL SETS of wrenches, screwdrivers and sockets. If you have small hand tools like this that aren’t in sets, be ready for me to make you a really low offer. I have buckets of sockets, screwdrivers and wrenches for sale in my $1 bins. There are often hundreds (or even thousands) of small tools in those bins, so buying more stuff to throw in there is a pretty low priority in my budget — and I pay accordingly. (Just thought I’d warn you.)


When it comes to pneumatic (air) tools, we buy nail guns and nothing else. We love air nailers, but we don’t buy air ratchets, impact guns, pneumatic sanders, or anything else air powered.



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