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Not Buying



We love to buy your gear, really, but some of the stuff you have lying around we just can’t buy. Do us both a favour — save your energy and don’t bother bringing in the products listed below. We just flat-out don’t buy this stuff.


VHS AND DVD MOVIES – Blu-rays and 4K have moved in and pushed the old stuff out.


PHONE EQUIPMENT – Phones, fax machines, cell phones, and answering machines will not connect you with cash.


COMPUTER PARTS – We only buy complete computer systems (computer, keyboard, monitor and mouse) and don’t buy any printers, drives, boards, monitors or accessories on their own. Sorry, not my bag.

FURNITURE – Too big, too bulky, too bad. I don’t pick up and I don’t deliver, so I don’t belong in the furniture business.

CLOTHING – Amity, Goodwill, Salvation Army, you get the picture.


VACUUMS – They suck.


AIR TOOLS – Nail guns are great, but everything else is tough to test properly (we’re talking about checking torque) so it's not something we'll take a chance on.


COSTUME JEWELLERY, JAPANESE WATCHES – New 2 You sells quality jewellery and watches. Gold, platinum, diamonds, genuine gemstones, and Swiss timepieces are always welcome, but there just isn’t room in our display cases for anything less than the best.


LAME CD’S – Sorry. No more Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Hanson, Hootie, All Saints, Robin, or Chumbawumba. No boy bands of any kind. No out-dated dance-music compilations. Come on, do you really want us to know that you bought the Joey Lawrence cd?


BROKEN STUFF – I don’t fix anything. If I had those skills, I wouldn’t have to work in retail. If you’re bringing something in to sell us, test it first and make sure it works.


MISCELLANEOUS HOO-HA – Just had a garage sale and want to bring me the lamps, ashtrays, be-dazzler and cookbooks that didn’t sell? Think twice. The stuff nobody wanted from you is stuff that we won’t be able to sell either. If I don’t think we can sell it, I won’t buy it. By all means, bring the stuff in and try me on, but you may end up taking a lot of stuff back home.



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